A.B. Data offers a demonstrated track record of successful administration of securities settlements. Our considerable securities litigation expertise provides clients with a deep understanding of the language and processes unique to the industry. We take a strongly proactive approach in putting our extensive experience in the administration of securities and other class action settlements to work for you throughout our integrated, “one-stop” approach to administration.

From the design and review of user-friendly notices and claim forms to the implementation of highly automated, yet accurate and effective, claims processing and meticulous reporting and controls, A.B. Data’s multidisciplinary team and its “know-how” ensure that even the most complex securities administrations are as seamless and efficient as possible.

We work closely with our clients throughout every stage of the process, including the all-important presettlement preparations, to ensure that every aspect of each administration is not only legally and technically correct but also effective in terms of cost, ease of implementation, and related considerations. In particular, we ensure that for administrations involving distributions, the plan of allocation at the heart of every distribution is correct, workable, understandable, and effectively translated into and carried out through our day-to-day claims administration; fund administration, distribution, and accounting; and ongoing and final reporting.

The practical benefits of our expertise extend to the challenging aspects of reaching securities Class Members. A.B. Data coordinates its own databases with brokers, financial institutions, transfer agents, and other entities to generate accurate lists of shareholders who fit class criteria for any given case. Our many years of work with banks, brokers, and nominees (“BBNs”) in securities cases enable us to work with these BBNs to respond quickly to notify Class Members in a manner as timely as possible.

Because of the intricacies of securities settlements, the success of their administration hinges on a high level of knowledge and experience from the members of the project team. A.B. Data has created a management team that has been responsible for the successful administration of many of the largest and most complex securities settlement administrations. Our experience and skills encompass cases involving the many different types of securities that can be involved in class actions – common stock, futures, bonds, derivatives, and more – and the detailed specific requirements that each type of security entails.

To assist Class Members with every step of the filing process and address their questions, A.B. Data maintains a 24/7 call center that contains a state-of-the-art telecommunications system. Managed by a full-time staff trained on the specific details of each case, our call center personnel attend to all the details in ensuring the accuracy of each filing. We also regularly create and operate case-specific websites where Class Members and others can obtain information about their case, including updates, key documents, and applicable deadlines. Our expertise in harnessing technology – online claims filing, deficiency processing, and other administration services and processing high-volume mailing lists and large institutional electronic filings, for example – reduces processes that often took weeks to hours. As a result, A.B. Data can often significantly shorten the time needed from filing deadlines to completion of distributions.

Our in-house team of accountants provides an additional layer of management, reviewing each critical step, from plan of allocation to distribution, as well as escrow and tax services. Our approach, which we customize for the unique needs of each client and administration, combines accuracy, accountability, and speed with our human touch.

A.B. Data’s quality assurance procedures and internal controls, which include training, more than 110 enumerated project procedures, and the running of more than 50 distinct reports for each administration we oversee, are comprehensive, specific to, and effective for our industry, and readily customizable to meet specific client needs. A.B. Data is also a recognized industry leader in fraud detection and prevention. We maintain and utilize comprehensive proprietary fraud detection and prevention procedures, including verifications and audits, and databases to prevent payment of allegedly fraudulent claims. We are in continual communication and collaboration with the FBI, the USPS, the IRS, and many other governmental agencies in an effort to identify and prevent fraudulent claims from being paid.

Backed by the capacity of our fully integrated 170,000-square-foot printing and fulfillment center, A.B. Data’s comprehensive human and technical resources bring unmatched capability to law firms, government agencies, and other entities specializing in securities class action litigation.