Product Liability

A.B. Data extends unwavering expertise to assist firms engaged in product liability class action litigation, in bringing forth unidentified Class Members by multiple means of notification, leaving no stone unturned. With the use of statistical methodologies, we can successfully reach consumers susceptible to product recalls and replacement programs. Using state-of-the-art tracking to reach these parties on the class list, we are able to use systems of direct mailing, tracking the number of returned packets, and reporting this total number into our mailing affidavits and in reports as necessary. In adopting a deep understanding for each case, we are able to conduct analyses to identify conditions consistent with alternative causes of alleged damages.

By remaining in compliance with all settlement terms and requirements, we help reduce the chance of ongoing litigation and avoid future lawsuits. Because cases are often unpredictable, A.B. Data project managers apply great attention to detail during each critical step and quickly adapt to any legal changes or issues that may arise. This anticipation and forward thinking keeps us prepared with an alternate plan of attack, and in turn, provides clients with the day-to-day, minute-to-minute assurance that each phase of notification, Class Member engagement and settlement disbursement is being handled flawlessly.

Whether notifying millions of Class Members in the United States or throughout the world, processing claims, or printing and producing checks, A.B. Data matches its talent and technology to the specific needs of the client. Our experienced team is at your reach 24/7, delivering unparalleled service on time and on a budget, without ever compromising quality.