Practice Areas



Antitrust cases involve multifaceted settlements, awards, and Notice programs. A.B. Data offers critical thought and unique solutions to direct and indirect purchaser litigation. Tom Glenn, President, and Eric Miller, Sr. Vice President, have successfully administered more end-payor pharmaceutical class action notice and claims administrations than all other administrators combined.

Beginning in 2002 with the administration for In re Lorazepam and Clorazepate Antitrust Litigation (MDL No. 98-1232) (D.D.C.) – they have successfully directed dozens of pharmaceutical cases. Tom and Eric pioneered the “quick-pay” and true up methodology now commonly used in administering generic-drug and other pharma class actions involving TPP’s. From streamlined Notice programs to digital payment options, our team offers uncommon insights, unparalleled planning, and the use of cost-effective digital payment systems.


Data Breach & Privacy


A.B. Data is uniquely experienced in administering data breach and privacy matters. Our team has successfully consulted on and managed numerous cases stemming from data breaches and privacy violations, including some of the first Biometric Privacy (BIPA) cases in history.

A.B. Data leverages contemporary technologies in our notification and fund distribution efforts, all designed to efficiently target class members and deliver the information needed for them to learn about their rights and file a claim. Our commitment to protecting the confidentiality and integrity of class members’ personal information is outlined in our Information Security Policy, a suite of policies and procedures that is designed to protect and cover all the sensitive information held by A.B. Data in the safest manner possible.

Examples of data breach and privacy cases that A.B. Data has successfully managed include: In re Vizio Consumer Privacy Litigation; In re: Google LLC Street View Electronic Communications Litigation; Briggs, et al. v. RhinoAg, Inc. Biometric Privacy “BIPA” Litigation; and numerous others.


Healthcare & Insurance


Healthcare and insurance settlements are among the most detailed in the spectrum of class action litigation. A.B. Data offers proven systems to develop and implement cost-effective direct notice programs through email or traditional postal notice.

Operationally, A.B. Data offers customized claims administration systems and disbursement methods that are digitally driven and cost efficient. Our online payment system ensures that consumer and entity claims are appropriately vetted and funds securely transferred.




A.B. Data has demonstrated expertise in complex consumer and product liability cases, bringing an organizational depth that combines effective consultation, media expertise, innovative notice programs and efficient claims processing. Timely fund distribution through online payment programs will satisfy Class member needs. We also provide a fully staffed, 24/7 call center with multilingual skills to ensure that Class members stay fully informed.

Particularly with consumer class action cases, maximizing the notice programs reach is critical. A.B. Data draws extensively from audited and verified research, intricate planning tools, and the extensive insights of our media professionals. Engineered for the realities of today’s consumer, our notice programs layer targeted direct email with micro-targeted digital media placement that is augmented by social media programs developed and tested to drive Class members to the case website.

The result is a notice plan that will meet or exceed the requirements of Rule 23, while saving our clients considerable time and money through strategic planning and smart negotiations.




The number of TCPA lawsuits has been consistently increasing since 2010 with over 4,700 lawsuits in just 2019. In response to this demand, A.B. Data has developed specific expertise in all aspects of TCPA class action administration, including ascertainment of class member contact info for serving notice using our extensive network of third-party information databases. A.B. Data seamlessly processes claims to ensure only eligible class members receive a benefit and we efficiently distribute settlement proceeds through traditional means and the utilization of the time and cost-saving A.B. Data Digital PayPortal℠ where applicable.


Labor & Employment


A.B. Data brings considerable experience across a broad scope of employment matters, from anti-discrimination to wage and hour violations. With in-house certified public accountants and financial professionals, we manage the details in administering these complex cases, ensuring accurate information is provided to clients and Class members.

Currently, we are administering nine discrimination cases with the U.S. Department of Justice for prison employees. Our unparalleled quality assurance and quality control procedures will ensure that all details are checked and will assist in expediting the distribution of funds.




As with any financial-related settlement, ERISA administrations are often complicated and resource-intensive. With the oversight and guidance of A.B. Data’s experienced team, cases are managed efficiently with strategic planning and execution of all details needed to ensure a smooth notice administration and fund distribution. Our in-house Quality Assurance Team provides an additional layer of oversight, reviewing each critical step, from plan of allocation to distribution, as well as escrow and tax services.

Our team is well versed in ERISA cases having successfully administered dozens of them including some of the largest, such as Fannie Mae and Schering-Plough.




A.B. Data is the leading claims administrator for securities cases, having successfully administered hundreds of securities class actions including:

  • State Street Indirect FX Class Actions
  • In re Massey Energy Co. Securities Litigation
  • Laydon v. Mizuho Bank, Ltd., et al. and Sonterra Capital Master Fund Ltd., et al. v. UBS AG, et al. (“Euroyen-Based Derivatives” Cases)
  • In re BP p.l.c. Securities Litigation
  • In re Fannie Mae 2008 Securities Litigation
  • In re LIBOR-Based Financial Instruments Antitrust Litigation (Exchange-Based Action)
  • In re Facebook, Inc., IPO Securities and Derivative Litigation (NASDAQ and Non-NASDAQ Matters)

Our senior project management team works closely with our clients to ensure the plan of allocation is correct, workable, and distributed correctly. Our expertise in online claims filing, deficiency processing, and processing high-volume mailing lists and electronic filings, reduces processes that often took weeks to hours. As a result, A.B. Data can often significantly shorten the time needed from filing deadlines to completion of distributions.


Product Liability


The expertise of A.B. Data’s project management team in managing all the intricacies of product liability and recall cases brings assurance to clients knowing it is being administered correctly the first time. The team is adept at anticipating the critical steps and details that often arise in such actions. Whether it’s counting the millions of returned Buckyballs toys or garden hoses that don’t work as advertised, the facilities and staff at A.B. Data can handle it all. They provide a clean database of the Class members and entities who need refunds and deliver it to them seamlessly by electronic methodology. The talent and technology A.B. Data brings to each administration is designed to be specific to each matter.