Digital PayPortal℠

Modern consumer habits are constantly moving toward the digital realm. In the United States, 96% of households utilize mobile phones and 90% of adults are online. A.B. Data recognizes these trends and has responded by offering A.B. Data’s Digital PayPortal℠ to better accommodate our customers.

The A.B. Data Digital PayPortal℠ moves beyond checks and traditional fulfillment programs by offering claimants simple, instant transactions on any device through electronic distribution of funds. Payments can be received digitally in real-time and claimants can decide where their payments will be sent. Popular options include PayPal, Amazon, direct debit, digital debit card, and over 250 retailer gift cards. Payment programs can also be tailored based on geography and other demographics.

Digital payments make the settlement award distribution process faster, more secure, and easier for class members. There is no app download needed for digital payment since all correspondence is done through text messages and emails; the only app downloads or account links required are for your own fund accounts. This online correspondence greatly reduces any chance of fraud while saving money on mailings and postage and making the entire distribution process more compressed and cost-effective. A.B. Data’s Digital PayPortal℠ is consistent with the revisions to Rule 23 and the recent procedural guidance on class actions from the Northern District of California.

A.B. Data has successfully implemented digital payments through large cases such as In re Vizio, Inc. Consumer Privacy Litigation and JWG v. ADS Multistate Settlement. Over 5 million payments have already been received by claimants through digital payment options as of May 2020.

Download here the A.B. Data Digital Services brochure.

For more information on A.B. Data Digital PayPortal℠, please contact A.B. Data.