Tracy Hanson

Project Manager

Tracy Hanson, Project Manager, began working at A.B. Data in 2020, bringing over nine years of settlement administration experience to the team. While working primarily on securities and antitrust cases, Tracy’s previous experience includes working with over twenty attorneys between eleven law offices to successfully manage several settlement fund distributions and act as an accountant to calculate distribution amounts between parties.

Tracy’s dedication to professionalism, timely communications, problem-solving techniques, and strong negotiation skills has enabled her to thrive at A.B. Data. Tracy has helped A.B. Data build trusted, long-term relationships with clients through her quality of service and oversee A.B. Data’s timely distribution of notice and funds. Tracy also intends to further her knowledge of fraud detection and the claims submission process to expand both her capabilities and responsibilities.

Prior to working at A.B. Data, Tracy was a settlement specialist at Hupy and Abraham Law Office, as well as an estimator at McAdams Graphics. Tracy is a certified trainer and educated employees in her previous role.