Marie Christie-Hudson

Project Manager

Marie Hudson, Project Manager, began working with A.B. Data in 2020, bringing over thirteen years of medical management experience to the team. With her strong background in the medical field, Marie works closely with Eric Miller, Senior Vice President, to manage A.B. Data’s pharmaceutical cases. She excels in her role thanks to years of experience in medical facility operations with several independent practitioners.

Beyond organizational management, Marie is an effective manager and multitasker. Previous accomplishments include developing and executing business strategies to achieve profitability quickly and enacting financial processes that streamline revenue generation, receiving awards in 2019 and 2020 from United for Human Rights Florida for her leadership in promoting humanitarian efforts. Marie will use her talents to develop the training division at A.B. Data.

Prior to working at A.B. Data, Marie was an independent contractor who managed operations for medical facilities and independent practitioners. Marie earned a Bachelor of Education from Syracuse University and operates out of A.B. Data’s Florida office.