Headshot of Eric Miller

Eric Miller

Senior Vice President, Case Management

Eric Miller, Senior Vice President of Case Management, directs A.B. Data’s case management team in the successful administration of hundreds of legal matters. Eric is recognized as an expert in the Class Action industry and the administration of securities, SEC, consumer, product recall, product liability, general antitrust, pharmaceutical antitrust, and futures contract settlements. Along with Thomas R. Glenn, President of AB Data, Eric pioneered the concept of subpoenaing pharmacies and pharmaceutical benefits managers for their customer data so notice could be sent directly to Class Members. He has given testimony and provided depositions in several matters attesting to the use of and success in attaining the cooperation of pharmacies and pharmaceutical benefits managers.

Eric is instrumental in assisting counsel in pre-settlement work, the development of notices and claim forms that meet Court standards, and ensuring Counsel understands the notice and claims process so administrations proceed smoothly and efficiently. This unique combination of talents makes Eric a valuable asset to the A.B. Data team and our clients. His innovation allows A.B. Data to grow and create the most effective and seamless process for handling administrations and matters for counsel.

Previously, Eric served as the Client Service Director for Rust Consulting, responsible for its securities practice area. Eric studied business management at Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts and he manages A.B. Data’s office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.